Glendora High School Start – GMR to Mt. Baldy Village


GMR to Mt. Baldy Village: 46 miles, 5,848 ft elevation gain, 5 hrs.

From 7:45am until 1:00pm

Meetup at 7:45am and Ride at 8:00am - Saturday, July 8, 2023

Ride Start: Glendora High School Parking Lot

Route: Glendora Mountain Road, GMR for short. It's about a 46-mile ride up to Mt. Baldy Village and back with an optional 4 hard miles up to the ski lifts. On your 4,000' climb up the mountain, you will enjoy spectacular views from a very quiet road. The first 7 miles are a constant, relentless climb of around 5 to 7%. Once you reach the maintenance shed, the road levels out a little, but mostly you will be climbing. 

Phone Service: Your cell phone will likely not work on much of this route. You will get service in the village and only a few locations along the way.

Water, Food & Amenities: Mt. Baldy Lodge has an outdoor water bottle filler on their porch. They are cyclist friendly and appreciate our business. There are bathrooms inside. You can also go across the street to the state park. There are pit toilets, and usually a shorter line to use them.


  • This will be a drop ride with regroups, please ride with another rider for safety.
  • There are no facilities anywhere on the 21-miles up the mountain. No water or food, however it is easy to turn around and roll back down at any point.
  • Check the forecast. It can be hot at the bottom of the mountain and cold at the top, especially at the ski lifts if you go up there. Layer accordingly.
  • Watch out for rocks on the road.


Route - GMR to the Mt. Baldy Village

Distance - 46 miles
Elevation Gain - 5848 ft

Starting Point Address:

Google Map - Glendora High School Parking Lot

LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced
Avg 16-19mph
You do NOT have to be a member of R5 to ride with us.

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