Red Monkey-Take it Easy Tuesdays


From 6:10pm until 8:00pm

Welcome to our new ride series
- Take it Easy Tuesdays -
Have you been off the bike a little too long? Did you eat 20 too many tacos over holiday? Maybe you’re in the “greatest shape” of your life but resemble Fat Bastard from Austin Powers. Come ride with the Monkeys on Take it Easy Tuesdays.
Did you use to ride with with the “A” or “B” group and finding yourself in the “D” group by yourself? Are you getting dropped on those “no drop” rides? Tired of those Zone 2 rides that are clearly your zone 4/5. Come ride Take it Easy Tuesdays.
Did you get that brand new kit that you have always wanted but you feel like an over stuffed sausage casing when you tried it on? Were you disappointed, but not entirely surprised when it was one size bigger than your normal size? Come ride Take it Easy Tuesdays.
Are you wondering if it’s really honest to keep telling your doctor you “do a lot of cycling” when you really don’t? Is your family trying to get rid of you because they actually enjoyed you being out of the house before you got shut like the rest of us in 2020? Have you considered purchasing an ebike despite the endless harassment you would get from your friends? Come ride Take it Easy Tuesdays.
If you haven’t already gathered by now this an easy paced group ride focused on just getting out and riding.(16-17mph total ride average) This is much different than our Thursday ride series which focuses on hard efforts and team work. Unlike our Thursday series, we intend to keep the same route while hosting this series.
We will make small adjustments to the route as this ride develops.
Meet in the back parking lot of RockN’Road Cyclery - Irvine at 6:10pm and we will roll by 6:15pm.

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