Wednesday Night Hill Repeat Ride


Hill Climbs: 17 miles, Elevation Gain 2,381 ft, 1.5hrs.

From 6:00pm until 7:30pm

Wednesday Night Hill Repeat Ride

We will depart promptly at 6 pm and finish by 7:30 pm, riding as a cohesive group. All levels of riders are welcome (Men, Women & Juniors). This is a great workout for everyone no matter what level you are. 

We ride together, hitting hills hard and regrouping after each one. Regroup points: bottom of 1st hill (Highlands), 3rd hill (PID S.), optional hill (Clubhouse). Regroup at top of 2nd hill (Niguel Rd) and last hill (PID N.), then return as a group. To keep the waiting to a minimum, turn around and descend once the first rider reaches the top and passes you descending while you're still climbing. 

Wednesday Hill Climbs Route

Distance – 17 miles
Elevation Gain – 2381 ft

Starting Point Address:

Board & Brew -Aliso/North Laguna Niguel

LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced
Avg 12-16mph
You do NOT have to be a member of R5 to ride with us.

For your safety and the safety of your fellow riders, please keep the following reminders in mind:

  • Faster riders, please don't start the hills before the group. This cheats slower riders of the opportunity to make it up the hill, and it also shortens the re-group time.
  • Observe traffic signals and don't run yellow or red lights, especially when heading to the first climb on Highlands. If the group splits, the second group will not be able to get as far up the hill.
  • Pass slower riders on the left, and slower riders should stay to the right.
  • Always stay in the bike lanes. If you must get out of the bike lane to pass a fellow biker or avoid road hazards, check for cars first.
  • Be cautious on PID South, as there is a center divider with only a few places to turn around to descend. Watch out for cars in both directions when you turn to descend, and help your fellow riders by calling out if it's safe to turn around.
  • For those who want an extra challenge, the Clubhouse climb is optional and can be completed after we re-group at PID South on Alicia/PID. We'll send out the faster climbers who choose to tackle this climb about 1 minute ahead of the rest of the group. The rest of us will head out to do the last climb on PID North, aiming to finish before the Clubhouse climbers catch up with us. We'll all re-group at the top of PID before heading back to the finish together as a group

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